Here is a selection of commonly asked questions, please feel free to contact us for any other questions.


  • Do the stone sheets require a sealant?

    Although some of our products like our 1mm stones are already pre-sealed which offers some protection, it will need more sealant to stay protected.Natural stone is a permeable material so will need to be protected as their life span is considerable. It will require sealing to protect the stone from oils, grease and limescale.For bathroom and kitchen application, we recommend re-sealing every 6-12 months.

    We recommend water based sealants, or any hard sealer you can find in shops but always remember to do a patch test first to make sure it does not discolour the stone. 


    The selants we recommend are

    • Lithofin - Splash Top
    • Fila - Hydroprep
    • Laticrete - StoneTech
  • Will the stone surfaces change colour over time?

    The stone is a natural product and will lighten due to the UV rays if not sealed correctly. However, the colour will not change over time.

  • Is the top of the veneers completely natural and does the pattern of the veneer repeat?

    As the veneers are made from blocks of stone, the top of the surface is 100% natural, just like traditional stone.

    If the stone veneer is produced from the same block, then he pattern will be the same but we can't guarentee the veneers will be from the same block. Therefore, please not that due to the nature of the natural stones, the sheets may contain variations in colours and patterns. 

  • What is the temperature limit , thermal expansion and flexibility of the stone veneers?

    Only applies to Flexi Slim 1mm and Slim Stone 2mm:

    Temperature limits203 Farenheit which is equivelent to 95 degrees celcus
    Thermal expansion (194 F) 0.5 - 0.8MM/M (0.08%)
    Flexibility19 degrees when warmed



  • What is on the back of the stone veneers?

    On the back of the stone veneers is a special mix of fibre glass mesh / cotton and encased in polymer resins which enable our product to be strong, thin, flexible and light weight.

  • Can stone veneers be used in a shower enclosure or wet room?

    It can be used in wet rooms and shower enclosures, but it is important to tank the room before fixing the veneer sheets to ensure that the area is water proofed and use the recommended epoxy resin based adhesvie. 

    It is very important, you further protect the stone and seal the surface for protection.For bathroom and kitchen application, we recommend re-sealing every 6-12 months.

    See our installation guide for our recommened sealants.

  • What stones can be used for exterior purposes?

    All of our stone sheets can be used for exterior projects. However, please note if using the sheet for exterior use, using the right adhesive and sealant is very important. For exterior use, the hseet may require a filter-type adhesive. For wet enviorments, epoxies; polyester resin, and waterproof adhesives are recommended such as BAL easy poxy AG or Soudal fix all high tack in black and white. The stone sheet will also require extra coats of selant when installed outside to help further protect the stone. We recommend these sealants for exterior use

    We strongly advise re-sealing every 6-12 months. If you have any further questions about the exterior use of the stone, please contact us.

  • How do you finish the edges of the surface?

    External Edging - >Add adhesive to the short side of the stone and then the larger side with a 2mm overlap. After the adhesive has dried, we recommend sanding at a 45-degree angle to get a perfectly smooth finish

    Internal Edging - Butt the edges together. Masking tape is ideal when butting the sheets together as it protects the sheets from any spillage or excess adhesive. Then run a sealant down. If you would like to apply 1mm, 2mm or 5mm in an area with water, we recommend adding an extra sealant to protect the stone from penetration of moisture.

  • How do you install a profile?
    1. First, fit the tile trim into a bed of adhesive on the bottom of the window, cutting to size with a suitable saw.

    2. Measure, cut and fix the tiles. Move on to the top horizontal cut and fix the tiles in the same way, making sure they are firmly pushed into the adhesive.
    3. Move on to the two vertical sides, cutting and fitting the tile trim first and then placing the tile in position on top of the tile trim.

  • How do you remove stains from stone?

    Removing stains from natural stone depends on the type of stone: 

    • To remove water stains, use a neutral stone cleaner and soft cloth.

    • To remove oil-based stains, use a poultice or baking soda (with water).

    • To remove ink stains, use bleach on light-coloured stone or acetone for dark stone.

    • To remove organic stains, combine 12% hydrogen peroxide with a powdered poultice material. 

    • To remove rust stains, use a commercial rust remover. If the rust stain does not go, you may need to hire a professional.

  • Are all stone sheets the same?

    Due to the stone being a natural product all sheets will vary in colour, patterns and surface texture due to it's external enviorment. 

    If the sheets are from the same batch they will be less likely to vary. 

    However, our sheets do vary from batch to batch making each sheet unique with its own chatacteristcs.

  • How long does delivery take?

    Orders received by 1pm will be despatched using a 48 hour courier service Monday to Friday, orders received outside of this will be despatched the next working day (Monday to Friday). You can select a Saturday delivery option, however there is an extra charge for this. Delivery costs are dependant on service chosen and postal area, carriage costs are calculated at the point of order (This applies to all addresses with a postal code within mainland UK, anywhere outside of this area will require a bespoke carriage quotation please contact our customer service team for details on 01245 806366).

    Please ensure someone is available to receive your order. The Jodhpur Blue Company operates with a third party courier who may ask for the customers assistance in off-loading the goods safely.

    We ask customers to check goods and comply with instructions sent and to notify us immediately of any quality issues. Before signing the delivery note, all packaging must be checked for signs of damage and then indicated on the delivery note accordingly.

    COLLECTION: If you choose the collect option, please note that the collection address is different from our office address, which is less than a 6 minutes drive away. We will contact you upon order receipt once order is ready and advise the collection location.

  • What are your opening hours?

    Our offices are open from 8.30am - 5.00pm Monday - Friday.

  • Do you have a sample service?

    We have individual samples available for sale on each product page, and we do also have Swatches of the 1mm and 2mm Flexi-Slim Stone ranges available that showcase the whole range of designs. If you would like to order a swatch of the complete Flexi-Slim Stone range please contact us.

    Please note as each stone sheet is unique and adhered from a natural process they may slightly vary from the samples within the swatch.

  • How do I install?

    Simply follow the instructions on our installation guide which has guidlines for all ranges within.