Jodhpur Blue - How to Create Your Own Batcave

Jodhpur Blue - How to Create Your Own Batcave

It seems as though Warner Bros. has struck gold with their newest movie. The Batman has been released in cinemas recently and was an absolute hit at the box office with it grossing double its budget in its first week. Featuring a runtime of 3 hours, The Batman used a budget of 150 million and has now made it past the 400 million mark. If you haven’t seen the movie, what are you waiting for? Here’s a quick brief so you know what to expect.

The movie features Robert Pattinson who plays the latest cinematic iteration of the caped crusader. Watch as Batman hunts down the Riddler, a sadistic villain who leaves a trail of enigmatic clues. 

The movie is understood to be a darker take and the Batman we see on screen is supposed to be a younger Bruce in the early times of his crime-fighting career. An interesting bonus is that some of the sequences presented in the movie seem as if they were ripped straight from a horror film. In addition to its tense atmosphere, The Batman movie will focus more on the detective side of his vigilantism. So it looks like Batman fans are in for a more grounded and impactful narrative following Bruce’s attempts to foil the Riddler.

What We Will Be Using

In this article, we will be outlining how you can recreate The Batcave in your own home. We will share tips and tricks you can utilise to decorate your Batcave so it will look like the actual thing - well close enough at least. Furthermore, we will be sharing the cost of cladding a room in stone slabs to truly resemble the Batcave’s rocky aesthetic. 

To do this we are featuring Jodhpur Blue’s stone sheets as a reference and are using their prices in the calculations. If you are interested in purchasing stone sheets to refresh your interior Jodhpur Blue is the perfect place. Check out Jodhpur Blue’s stone sheets page where you can find high-quality naturally sourced stone sheets. Jodhpur Blue’s stone sheets are cost-effective, easy to install and perfect for refurbishing your bathroom.

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How much will it cost to make your own Batcave:

So you want to turn your home into an epic Batcave. Well, you’ve come to the right place. For our guide, we will use the dimensions of an average UK household room as an example. As it is the part of the house that best replicates the Dark Knight's lair. However, it is understandable that not everyone has a basement in their house so any spare room you have access to will suffice. Let’s dive in.

To start with we need to identify the size of the space we will be using. We have found that the average size of a UK basement is 164 metres.

The average size of a room: 24m²

However, we will not be making use of the entire surface of the room. 

The area we need: 24m²

The size of a single Jodhpur stone sheet is 2.44 metres.

Size of 1 Stone Sheet: 2.44m

Cost of 5 Pack of Stone Sheets: £819.50

Firstly, we need to divide 24 by 2.44 to get the total number of slabs. Which gives us 10 sheets.  

Next, we need to find the cost of 10 sheets. At Jodhpur Blue, we offer a 5 pack of sheets for £819.50, which gives a total cost of £1639 for 10 sheets of flexi stone. 

That is how much it would cost to clad an average UK room in stone sheets. There you have it all you need to get started on developing your own Batcave.

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Batcave Accessories

If you already have the cave aesthetic down but need some help decorating your cave. Below we have compiled some extra tips you can use to help take your cave to the next level.

A Chest

What do chests have to do with Batman? You may ask. Well before Batman lurked in his iconic Batcave he had to store his clothing like the rest of us. Yes, when Batman debuted he did not have access to a secret underground cave. Instead, when was off the clock he stored his Batsuit in a small trunk in the corner of his room. Buying an old chest will do. Simply get your least favourite Batman costume, dump it in the chest and you're done. Truly channeling the oldest practices of the Dark Knight.

Smoke Machine

A smoke machine will be the perfect addition to any Batcave. Smoke machines online are rather inexpensive. So you can pick one up for just under £50. The layer of mist will provide an air of mystery and menace. Authentically capturing the aesthetic of Bruce Wayne’s cave.

Dramatic Lighting

A nice touch to your Batcave would be some dramatic lighting. Use it sparingly however as we want to keep the room dimmed and cave-like. Lighting your room in such a way will give it an ominous and secret look. As we won’t need much light it is inexpensive. Simply invest in one or two LED lights and dot them around the interior. In addition, if you want to take lighting a step further you could incorporate a real-life bat signal into your Batcave. And have it beam Batman's iconic emblem onto your ceiling.


The centre of the Batcave is home to a super-computer that is on par with those used by entire nations. Obviously, you don’t have a supercomputer but you do probably have an ordinary desktop. Perhaps consider moving your computer into your designated bat-room. Turning into your base of operations.